I have a blog, now what?

I have been meaning to start a website (or blogsite, if you will) for a while now, as a way to display my work aside from Facebook and to gain more clients. A great opportunity came my way to photograph team members for a local blog in exchange for advertisement on said blog. So here I am!

Courtney Parker Photography, it has a nice ring to it, right? Original, I know 😉

So anyways, I have taken A LOT of pictures, and I’m pretty proud of many of them. A few are posted around the site, so feel free to peruse. I plan to keep this site updated with my most recent work. Be prepared to see lots of the same subjects, I know a lot of really cute kids and my camera just loves them! Plus, I’m obsessed with my 2 weimaraner pups, Lexie and Lucy, and oh yeah, I’m having a baby. In a month. Woah! And I’m prettttty sure I’ll take tons of pictures of him or her.